Zinnovate continues impact investing in life science

Public #health is a keen focus when Zinnovate International continues #impactinvesting I have replaced both my hips so personally feel very strongly for our latest investment Encare – Enhancing ERAS® and am truly happy to see that they have already helped bring about:

+ Improved recovery after surgery
+ Shorter hospitalization
+ Improved quality of life
+ And lives saved!

Vision is to lead the digitalization of medical science and transform it into best clinical practice.

Encare develops interactive digital tools and services to support healthcare professionals to implement and sustain best clinical practice for improved quality of care and health economics.

Zinnovate is investing in good causes through Sciety the Nordic region’s leading life science investment syndicate with a mission to make health and life science innovations reach their full potential #health #healthcare #lifescience #biotech #selfcare #science #innovation #investment #digitalhealth #healthtech #impact #surgery #digital

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