Zinnovate EDI Portfolio​

Unlock the full potential of EDI with Zinnovate’s comprehensive service portfolio.

Integration Projects: Our promise? High quality with short lead times.

Integration Platform: A combination of high performance and reliability at a surprisingly low cost.

Advanced Communication: Proud resellers of xT – the future of communication solutions.

The ZES platform helps CargoWise clients in constructing comprehensive system integrations, facilitating seamless interactions between their internal systems and external counterparts through EDI solutions.

Winning customers

Even small forwarders can take on white label customers thanks to superior integration capabilities in ZES.

Fully paperless

Going completely digital equals boosted productivity and minimized environmental impact.

Mapping and Communication Protocols

Use integrated graphical mapping tools, message parsers, and support for over 10,000 messages/minute.

Data Exchange Formats

From EDIFACT to in-house formats, we cover it all. Our supported formats include ANSI X12, XML, IDOC, CSV, Flat-files, and more.

Diverse Communication Protocols

Native support for a spectrum of protocols such as FTP, SFTP, FTPS, EDIINT, and more.

User-Friendly Configuration

Simplify your tasks with an easy GUI for configurations from Trading Partners to communication setup rules.

Scheduler and Monitoring

A built-in scheduler for your processes and messages combined with an advanced alarm for proactive monitoring.

Zinnovate Integration Platform

Zinnovate EDI and ediEnterprise


Seamless eAdapter Web Services integration for direct connection to ediEnterprise.

Native support for ediEnterprise XML formats including Universal XML, Native XML, and legacy formats.

Simplified system integrations whether it’s partners, suppliers or customers, with ediEnterprise.

Capability to send and receive a wide range of data from shipments to CRM and finance data.

Holistic Integration Modules

Send invoices, shipment details, and statuses directly to customers and partners. Receive bookings, manifest data, and much more.

EDI Message Trace

A web-based tool that allows you to track sent or received messages. Whether you’re using ediEnterprise or another system, search with ease using data like shipment numbers, invoice numbers, or any customer-specific data.

Zinnovate EDI for Freight