• Zinnovate helps logistics organizations gain superior results

    Renowned for its expertise in IT and management consultancy, Zinnovate International is committed to empowering global logistics companies to realise the complete value of their IT portfolios.

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Earned the trust to help drive successful business transformation for 9 of the top 10 leading global logistics companies.

Awarded The Best Management Consultancy in the Global Logistics Industry at the Business Worldwide Global Corporate Excellence Awards 2017.

We strive to make the whole more than the sum of the parts, applicable both on the human element, turning high performance individuals into high performance teams, and turning worldclass systems into superior business performance.

Relationship & Reputation is the secret sauce of our business success. Our exceptional customer relationships combined with unrivalled industry expertise have resulted in a strong and prestigious reputation.

We successfully strive to be the leading global provider through our global expert network deeply rooted in the logistics industry with superior change management and technical know how.

Our guiding light is a focus on Return on Competence which leads us to invest first and foremost in our employees and teammates. This is our prime vehicle to drive customer value, which in turn drives our financial performance.

Accumulated best practises based on actual cases from the majority of top 20 global forwarders

Unbiased, brutal honesty

Establish a clear vision of the way forward

Turning unique industry Insights into executable results

Boosting Performance through Digital Transformation

Digital Mastery in Logistics Transformation

With years of experience leading some of the largest global digital transformation projects in the Logistics industry, Zinnovate has gained the unique position to be able to provide guidance, strategy and superior results specific to your industry.

From Selection to Success: Our Expertise Guides You

From vendor selection to deployment strategy to risk and benefit realization our experience, knowledge sharing, and guidance will ensure the best possible chance of success.

Your Trusted Partner Through Every Step

As we stand by your side throughout this journey, our primary role is to serve as your trusted advisor. We are dedicated to providing you with clear, unbiased guidance, ensuring that every decision aligns with your best interests

Our Team

Zinnovate brings a well-balanced and very experienced team of consultants to the customer. The team represents Excellent
Technical and Functional know-how of leading logistics systems in general and CargoWise in specific as well as detailed freight
forwarding experience.

Our total team covers 25 countries on all continents.

Meet the HQ team

Håkan Nilsson


Raffael Dessi

Technical Director

Tamsin Emery


Martin Nilsson

Products & Services Manager

Emilie Nilsson


Peter Hjerpe

Integrations Developer

Our strong leadership team, technical experts, and global network of 50+ consultants enable us to offer an extensive range of value-added services, including