Driving Excellence: Insights from the CargoWise Partner Conference 2024 in Brussels

Martin Nilsson, Products & Services Manager, Zinnovate  ●  Håkan Nilsson, Founder, Zinnovate ●  Tamsin Emery, CEO, Zinnovate ●  Kate Morey-Ferguson Co-CEO, Strenia ●  Richard White, CEO/Founder WiseTech ●  Cushla Edmiston, Co-CEO, Strenia ●  Maryann Farrugia, Co-Founder/Managing Director, OBP 

The city of Brussels hosted an influential gathering at the CargoWise Partner Conference 2024, focusing on the vital role of partners in implementing and maximizing the capabilities of CargoWise. This event showcased how collaboration and shared expertise are pivotal in driving unprecedented growth and productivity in logistics.

Celebrating Growth and Partnerships

This year’s conference highlighted the extraordinary successes achieved through partnership: organizations collaborating with CargoWise have experienced growth rates seven times higher than their competitors. This phenomenal growth underscores the significance of leveraging advanced logistical solutions and expert partnerships to achieve scalable and sustainable business excellence.

A Convergence of Knowledge and Expertise

Organized by WiseTech Global, the conference provided a rich platform for partners to engage, learn, and share best practices. 

Networking with Industry Pioneers

The conference also served as a prime networking venue, with Richard White, CEO WiseTech leading the dialogue on the future of logistics technologies. Partners engaged in thought-provoking discussions, exploring new ideas and fostering connections that promise to drive further innovation in the logistics industry.

Emphasizing Digital Transformation

Key discussions revolved around digital transformation within the logistics sector, particularly how CargoWise serves as a critical tool for partners helping businesses optimize their supply chain operations. Themes such as global customs, warehouse management, and international e-commerce were explored, demonstrating the comprehensive capabilities of CargoWise to streamline and enhance logistical operations.

Forward-Looking Strategies

The CargoWise Partner Conference 2024 was not only a celebration of past achievements but also a forward-looking event, setting the agenda for future advancements in logistics technology. The collaborations formed and strengthened here are expected to lead to innovative solutions and continued growth across the global logistics landscape.


As the curtains close on this impactful event, we extend our gratitude to everyone involved—from the visionary team at WiseTech Global to the engaging speakers and enthusiastic attendees. Together, we are paving the way for a more interconnected and efficient future in logistics.

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