Successful Swedish company Zinnovate has a new CEO

In the course of 10 years, Håkan Nilsson has built up Zinnovate International to be the most widely used IT consulting company in logistics. The company runs a number of major IT transformation projects and today has global group agreements with six of the world’s seven largest logistics players. After 10 fantastic years, he is now selling his life’s work and at the same time appointing a new CEO, Tamsin Emery from South Africa.

Tamsin is the CEO and founder of the IT consultancy Meraki, based in Dubai. Since 2017, Tamsin has been one of Zinnovate’s main partners and currently serves as Vice President of Zinnovate. In connection with her taking over as CEO, Zinnovate acquires her company and Tamsin becomes a partner in Zinnovate.

Zinnovate has had rapid growth and in 2022 the company increased its turnover by 47% compared to the previous year and reached a turnover of SEK 119 million and a profit before tax of SEK 21 million.

“It has been 10 fantastic years but now it is time to take Zinnovate to the next level. With a new majority owner and Tamsin as the new CEO and partner, there are all the conditions to continue Zinnovate’s exceptional growth”, says Håkan Nilsson and continues, “It is with pride that I hand over the CEO position. We operate in an extremely male-dominated niche and it therefore feels extra fun that most of Zinnovate’s most senior expert consultants are women. For us, diversity is also a positive result driver and with Tamsin as the new CEO, Zinnovate is now entering the next phase – from Good to Great!”

Who will become the new majority owner of Zinnovate is currently not entirely clear. There has been a record amount of interest in the deal and the company seems to be able to deliver on its goal and soon continue to develop together with a new majority owner. Håkan Nilsson will continue to work in the company, both as a partner and as an operative. Håkan is currently the sole owner of Zinnovate. After the acquisition of Meraki, Tamsin will own 10% of the company.

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