Zinnovate International: Pioneering Technological and Supply Chain Innovation in Japan

Zinnovate expands its global reach with a new office in Japan and welcomes Expert Consultant Adithya Raghavan. We bring along a vision that’s crafted with seimitsu (precision), kakushin (innovation), and a deep understanding of the global technology landscape. Our strategic outpost in Japan represents more than a new geographical milestone; it signifies our unwavering commitment to being at the forefront of technological and logistical excellence worldwide.   

In recognizing the strategic importance of Japan in the global supply chain and technology markets, our objective is to create a synergy (シナジー) that amplifies this existing strength through Zinnovate’s global expertise.   

“Drawing from our profound experience with global clients, we are set to elevate supply chain dynamics in the region. Japan has long stood as the epitome of technological advancement, a mihakkentō (みはっけんとう) of innovation that has consistently set benchmarks for the world to follow. It is this pioneering spirit that Zinnovate seeks to harness and integrate with our own legacy of tech-forward solutions”, says Tamsin Emery, CEO of Zinnovate International.   

At Zinnovate, we recognize that our strength lies not just in our technology but in our hitobito (people); we are therefore so happy to welcome Mr. Adithya Raghavan, a certified CargoWise Professional, as our senior expert consultant in Japan. His proficiency in architecting top-tier enterprise technology products and developing state-of-the-art enterprise software solutions has been pivotal in cementing the global presence of our esteemed clientele across the USA, UK, Japan, and India. Adithya’s rich professional journey, which includes transformative roles at GDX Inc. in Japan, NN Life Insurance, and as a freelance Digital Transformation Consultant, has equipped him with a rare and in-depth insight into the digital transformation landscape. His track record of leading high-impact projects, such as core ERP business system kaikaku (modernization), post-migration managed services, ensuring security, disaster recovery, and maintenance for some of the largest corporations in Japan and the US, is a testament to his capability to navigate and lead in the complex digital space.   

“It is with great pride and yūki (勇気) that I join the Zinnovate family at this pivotal juncture of its journey. Together, we will not only continue but accelerate the digital transformation within the industry, blending cutting-edge solutions with the meticulousness that defines Japan’s business landscape. Our commitment is to forge paths that others will follow, driving change and creating value that resonates on a global scale”, says Adithya Raghavan, Executive Business Consultant.   

To schedule a meeting, please reach out to us at:   

Zinnovate International, Japan Office
Phone: +81 70 2621 6452
Email: adi.raghavan@zinnovate.se   

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