Zinnovate is rapidly growing with new customers across Europe

Stockholm based IT- and Management consultancy firm Zinnovate International is rapidly growing its customer base across Europe with global freight forwarding companies headquartered in Spain, France, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Growth is highly leveraged due to unique competence in the industry leading application Cargowise One from software powerhouse WiseTech Global (Australia).
Recent new customers include:

– Marmedsa Noatum Maritime

– Martin Bencher Group

– Gefco
– Clasquin

– Infranordic Shipping & Forwarding
– ITS Independent Transport Shipping

– Tba

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About Zinnovate International
Zinnovate International is a fast growing IT and management consultancy company with its roots in empowering global logistics companies to realize the full potential of their IT portfolios.

Zinnvoate has recently broadened its geographic footprint to cover all continents and offers a unique network of IT- and management consultants deeply rooted in the global freight forwarding industry.

For more information, visit www.zinnovate.se

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