Zinnovate featured in Business Review Europe and Supply Chain Digital

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The May issues of Business Review Europe and Supply Chain Digital feature an interview with Håkan Nilsson, CEO of Zinnovate. In this exclusive article, Nilsson discusses how his tiny IT services company has become so well-trusted and successful thanks to his extensive experience in the industry.

“I’ve developed a lot of contacts in 23 years, and I approached the ones I thought to be the best, which are now my partners in Zinnovate,” says Nilsson. When it comes to acquiring new customers, he explains: “We start by giving advice. We conduct customer meetings, they pick my brains, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for me to do the same to them.

“Recently I was in Amsterdam where 45 of the top IT managers from all over the world were gathered, and I was the only external guy there as a speaker. I was there to share my views on the future and for them to ask me questions, but of course I learned a lot from them too. Things like this are our biggest force for ensuring we stay ahead.”

Nilsson goes on to describe how Zinnovate’s dedication to customisation has given it an edge in the industry which many companies lack: “Sizeable customers will have some pretty strong customisation requirements. So even if you have a system that is producing a lot of reports, for instance, if you don’t customise that report, the customer will be unhappy. That’s one thing we do, meaning we can help the logistics provider give a much better information service to its customer by creating that business intelligence layer.”