Zinnovate CEO finalist in – CEO of the year IT & Management Consultants 2016


Zinnovate has received strong recommendations for our work and, despite being quite young, been included on the basis of “transforming transport and logistics”.

The winners will be announced at the DAVOS 2017 forum.

“European CEO Awards celebrate leaders in those areas that our readers feel are making strides in their world and are transforming economies and communities.   The European CEO Awards recognize product, functional, strategic, and managerial innovation in companies and individuals showing commercial insight and global market integrity.   The European CEO Awards create a significant impact on the marketplace by providing global recognition for the most outstanding companies. Our primary objective is to inform and inspire equity investors, civil society, governments, infrastructure concessionaires and fortune 500 companies. Our awards overall help mobilize both confidence and future investment from around the world.  We encourage our constituents to put forward those organizations and individuals who are happy to serve and raise international standards by benchmarking efficiency, and technical know-how and best practice; our constituents want us to identify the most significance business models in their sectors from across the globe and highlight innovation and inspire replication.   European CEO’s award selection panel has used a wide range of criteria to inform its decision over its 2016 Awards, lending the critical eye of a collective 45 years of business journalism to the exhaustive information gathered by the award body’s research team.   Award criteria   Some of the most important factors are as follows: – Market capitalization and sustainability – Internal structuring – Growth in Europe – External growth policies – Marketing and investor communications – Strategic goal analysis – Corporate governance structures – Operational transparency – Organizational behaviors – Resource and people management – Mission continuity