Unique partnership model basis for Zinnovate expansion across the globe

Unique partnership model basis for Zinnovate expansion across the globe

Stockholm based IT- and Management consultancy firm Zinnovate International is very rapidly expanding across the globe with its unique partner network of IT consultants focusing on the global freight forwarding industry.

Growth is highly leveraged due to unique competence in the industry leading application Cargowise One from software powerhouse WiseTech Global (Australia). To deliver impressive value to the growing number of CargoWise One customers on all continents Zinnovate is leveraging close partnership with UK registered NICE – Network of Independent Cargowise Experts.

Hans van der Zwet Founder and Owner at NICE confirms: “I started the consultancy network NICE a few years ago as I saw an enormous potential following the global success of the logistics software cargowise from WiseTech Global (Australia). But it was only after industry giant Håkan Nilsson took a lead in the network with his firm Zinnovate that business started to sky rocket!”. Last year, 2016, Zinnovate expanded from its Swedish base with high caliber subcontractors into the following countries:

– Germany
– England
– Netherlands
– Italy
– France
– Brazil
– Mexico
– China
– Australia
– New Zealand
– Singapore
– Philippines

About Zinnovate International
Zinnovate International is a fast growing IT and management consultancy company with its roots in empowering global logistics companies to realize the full potential of their IT portfolios.

Zinnovate has recently broadened its geographic footprint to cover all continents and offers a unique network of IT- and management consultants deeply rooted in the global freight forwarding industry.
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