Greencarrier leverages Zinnovate expertise to take quantum leap with state of the art global systems and processes

Greencarrier leverages Zinnovate expertise to take quantum leap with state of the art global systems and processes

“With an ambition to be at the forefront for efficient, modern and sustainable forwarding Greencarrier Freight Services has just finalized the global implementation of CargoWise One from software powerhouse WiseTech Global (Australia)” according to Greencarrier CFO Svante Johansson.

“We are already starting to reap significant quality improvements across our global forwarding operations in 11 countries”, continues Johansson.

The freight industry is constantly changing with ever increasing demands for efficient handling of shipments, transparency, interaction with customers and suppliers, capabilities to track and trace and much more.

“Greencarrier considers modern software support, integrations and automation central to continue being successful in the forwarding industry”, adds Greencarrier CIO Simon Hellmuth.

Recent investments also include a new integration platform, from industry leading provider Zinnovate International, for seamless interaction with customers and external partners in the value chain.

Håkan Nilsson, CEO of Zinnovate International, comments on the recent development at Greencarrier: “With the achieved excellence in Integration the Greencarrier Group stand well prepared to meet and drive future demands by customers and suppliers.”

About Zinnovate International
Zinnovate International is a fast growing IT and management consultancy company with its roots in empowering global logistics companies to realize the full potential of their IT portfolios.
Zinnvoate has recently broadened its geographic footprint to cover all continents and offers a unique network of IT- and management consultants deeply rooted in the global freight forwarding industry.
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About Greencarrier
Greencarrier operates in two separate business areas, Freight Services and Liner Agency. Greencarrier Freight Services is a freight forwarding company that offers smart and sustainable transport solutions and supply chain management services. From our offices in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and China, we offer global transport solutions. We use all modes of transport including ocean, air, road and rail, and take care of your cargo from starting point to final destination.
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