Exclusive interview with Zinnovate in Business Review Europe and Digital SupplyChain

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Business Review Europe speaks to Håkan Nilsson, CEO of Zinnovate, about how the ways in which the business has changed since we spoke last year.

While Nilsson has retained his small team of five, he runs an almost €1m per employee company now after just four years, and this growth does not look set to slow down any time soon.
“It shows that the philosophy we had from the get-go at Zinnovate is the right one,” says Nilsson. “I started Zinnovate on the premise that we admit to everything. We dare to admit that we have some unique skills, and we will do our utmost to leverage those unique skills to deliver value – but we will also admit that we have some weaknesses. We recognise those too and will be brutally honest about them, teaming up with others that are better in those areas.”

This concept of transparency and honesty is serving the business well. Nilsson and his team rely on close partnerships which can only be forged with a stable foundation, and the tiny giant that is Zinnovate thrives on the challenges inherent in IT Management and Consultancy.

“If you’re a disruptor, you’re doing something different, rather than just doing more or less of something. Of course, we believe we are doing things better and faster and with more value, but I think there is some truth in the disruptor label in that we’re a different player.

“We look at both the hard technical and analytical stuff as well as the behavioural stuff to do with organisation, systems, and team dynamics. Often, 98% of the focus is on the hard tech, but the 2% of fluff is what makes or breaks a project,” Nilsson explains.